Committee Changes

At the Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 8th October 2014, the consequences of two resignations were dealt with.

Doug G4IGN has stepped down as Chairman, for health reasons, but will continue as an Ordinary Committee Member until the AGM in December. He was thanked for his strong leadership and substantial contributions to the club during his nearly two years in the chair.

To fill the vacancy arising from Doug’s resignation, Giles G0NXA was appointed Chairman until the AGM, moving up, so to speak, from Deputy Chairman.

Ron G3SZS has stepped down as Editor, also for health reasons, the October issue of CARA News will be his last. He was thanked for his sustained and highly valued work as Editor during two long stints in the job.

The Committee is now seeking as a matter of urgency a new Editor for the club’s monthly newsletter, CARA News. The Editor does not have to attend Committee Meetings but clearly it would be helpful if he/she did. Any one interested in taking over as Editor should speak to either Giles G0NXA or Derek G3NKS.