Commonwealth Contest 2013

The results of the RSGB’s annual Commonwealth Contest, held every March on the main HF bands, were published recently. As usual, several CARA members too part, with the following results.

Open Section (full licenced power, any aerials) – 159 entries

69th G4ENZ 12 hours 163 QSOs 101 call areas 3515 points
101st G3TEV 12 hours 108 QSOs 69 call areas 2400 points

Restricted Section (100W, simple aerials)- 111 entries

13th M0PCB 24 hours 186 QSOs 101 call areas 3580 points
25th M0NQN 12 hours 39 QSOs 88 call areas 2955 points
27th G3MZV 24 hours 138 QSOs 79 call areas 2870 points
74th G3NKS 12 hours 51 QSOs 38 call areas 1155 points
92nd G4MEM 12 hours 30 QSOs 16 call areas 570 points 20m single band

Team Section – 17 entries

13th Cheltenham ARA (M0PCB, G3MZV, G3TEV, G3NKS)

Apologies to Martin G4ENZ who should have been included in the team, but was inadvertently omitted.
With his score included, we would have been much higher up the table.