CQ WW DX CW Contest 2012

The results of the very popular CQ Magazine’s World Wide DX CW Contest held in November 2012 were published in the May 2013 edition of the magazine and are also available on the CQ Magazine website.

Contests may not appeal to all, but they certainly produce activity which otherwise is often, unfortunately, at a low ebb these days. The old saying “Use it or Lose it” still applies so in my view contests, DXpeditions, special event stations etc are a very good way to promote much needed activity and band usage.

The 48 hour CW contest produced 7,227 entries from across the world, with 218 DXCC entities being worked.

One of the attractions of the CQWW series of contests is that there are many sections and it’s possible to select one which meets one’s own interests and/or station capabilities. Perhaps this is why the contest attracts a good number of entries from CARA members. Here’s a listing and apologies if I’ve missed anyone:

Results for England:

All Band High Power:
6th: M0VSQ (op M0PCB) 575,082 points,1349 QSOs.
8th: G4SGI 420,072 points, 842 QSOs.

All Band Low Power (100W):
7th: G3NKS 323,890 points, 754 QSOs.
15th: M0NQN 21,420 points, 104 QSOs.
17th: G3XMM 6,868 points, 53 QSOs.

20m Single Band Low Power:
3rd: G4MEM 11,600 points, 161 QSOs.

40m Single Band Low Power Assisted:
1st G1N (op G3MZV) 51,175 points, 399 QSOs.
Gordon wins a certificate for leading this section, well done!

Other local Gloucestershire stations listed include:
G0HVQ, 2nd in All Band Low Power section.
G4KFT, 3rd in All Band Assisted section.
G3YEC, 15th in All Band Assisted section.

In total there were 98 entries from England, indeed an indication of the popularity of the contest.

“Assisted” means that DX cluster, RBN etc were used, i.e. not true single operator.

The 2013 CQWWDX CW takes places on 23rd/24th November. The SSB equivalent takes place on October 26th/27th October.

Derek – G3NKS