Auction Rules

  • If you are the highest bidder for a lot, then you are the purchaser and you are expected to have the means, at the end of the event, to make full payment in cash, or exceptionally by cheque with the Treasurer’s prior approval, and to remove the lot from the premises.
  • All lots are purchased as seen, and no warranty is given or implied. Any description given for a lot is the reasonable best that the organisers can achieve.
  • Some items are described as ‘working’; do not take this to mean that the item has been fully tested and conforms to original specification. Testing is generally limited to a simple function test (eg that a receiver receives signals).
  • Many lots use dangerous voltages; if you are not competent to manage the associated risks, then do not open the case and think hard about turning on an item of equipment that has not been used for a period of time. Remember that 600v DC is pretty much guaranteed to kill you, and death does result from lower voltages. Many transmitters and oscilloscopes include voltages of 2,000v DC or more. CARA cannot be held responsible for your negligence or inexperience.
  • Auctions are for the benefit of members and invited guests; lots are sold on the assumption that the purchaser is acquiring the lot for personal use and not with intention of selling for personal gain or profit.  Offenders on this condition may be excluded from future CARA auctions at the Committee’s discretion.