Are you interested in getting on the air?

There are three levels of license in the UK:  Foundation, Intermediate and Full. Each level builds on the last and you can start transmitting straight away with a Foundation license.

CARA offers regular training for the Foundation and Intermediate license levels.  We do not charge for these courses. We hire the venues and our tutors deliver the courses free of charge. However you are required to pay for the examinations which are run by the RSGB, our national society, on behalf of UK communications regulator Ofcom.

CARA organises exams for all three levels.

If you are interested in taking either course or wish to sit an exam please contact Barry at for further information.

We are always pleased to talk with potential radio amateurs so please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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About the Foundation Course

About the Intermediate Course

Course and Exam dates

Expressions of interest to Barry at please.

Next Foundation Course: To be announced.

Next Foundation Exam: To be announced.

Next Intermediate Course: 20th/21st January 2018.

Next Intermediate Exam:  28th January 2018.

Next Full Exam: 28th January 2018.

Courses and exams are usually held at the Scout Hut, Penrith Road, Hatherley:

1606 Scout Hut 4

Occasionally exams are held at the Brizen Centre, Up Hatherley Way: