Privacy Policy for The Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association

This document is the Privacy Policy for the Association. It sets out what Personal Data is held by and for the Association, and how the Association processes and secures this Data.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires organisations to protect Personal Data. The Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association takes this responsibility seriously.

In order to be useful to its membership, The Association will hold some Personal Data about its members, and will use this data to perform the functions of The Association, for example contacting members about meetings and distributing the newsletter.

By becoming (or remaining) a member of The Association, you agree to the storage and use of your Personal Data by The Association, as described in this policy.

The Association has appointed Christopher M0YNG as the Responsible Person for Data Protection Compliance. You can read more about the GDPR on the ICO Website.

The committee will review this Privacy Policy, and the data we hold every year.

Members of the Association will be notified of any changed to this policy, the data we hold, the way we handle it, and the Members of committee, and those holding specific roles as detailed in this policy, via the Newsletter, announcements in the Club Meetings, or other methods as appropriate.

Your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affords you the following rights;

The right to be informed.

This Privacy Policy sets out what Personal Data the Association stores, and how it is used.

The right to access

You may submit a “Subject Access Request” to the Association Secretary. You will be provided with a copy of any Personal Data the Association holds on you within a month.

The right to rectification

You can provide updated information to the Secretary at any time. For example if the Personal Data you receive from a “Subject Access Request” is incorrect, or you want to update the information the Association holds.

We will confirm the changes have been made within one month.

The right to erasure

You can request the Association erase any Personal Data we hold on you at any time.

Please be aware, if you are a current member, we will no longer be able to contact you.

This right will not extend to the Association’s Historical Record. Your name and callsign will remain on the list of past members, and any entries in the Association Newsletter, or Website, will remain.

The right to restrict processing

The Association does not perform any automated processing. If you initiate this right, the effect will be identical to the “right to erasure”.

The right to data portability

The Association does not perform any automated processing so has no “data bundle” to provide.

If you initiate this right, the effect will be identical to the “right to access”.

The right to object

If you initiate this right, the effect will be identical to the “right to erasure”.

The right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling

The Association does not perform any automated processing.

Data we hold

The Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association holds;

  • Members’ Name (Title, Initials, First Name, and Last Name) and Callsign
  • Members’ Email Address
  • Members’ Postal Address (if given)
  • Members’ Phone Number (if given)
  • Members’ RSGB Affiliation
  • Members’ Payment details if paying by Bank Transfer

Who holds the Data

Membership Database

The Membership Secretary and Association Secretary hold a full “membership database” for the purpose of communicating with members, tracking membership, and ensuring renewals.

This is stored as a spreadsheet, stored on the designated officer’s computer. The computer will be protected with suitable security software, and the file will be deleted when superseded or no longer required (e.g. change of officer role.)

Association Newsletter

The Newsletter Editor has access to a list of members who receive the Newsletter by email. This is limited to Name, Callsign, and email address. The editor is able to view agregate statistics, but not specifics, for example the percentage of recipients who have opened the newsletter, but not who they were.

This list is currently held by a 3rd Party (SendInBlue). SendInBlue have further information on their GDPR Compliance on their website. SendInBlue GDPR Information.

Officers responsible for distributing physical copies of the Association Newsletter (currently Association Secretary and Chairman) hold a list of members who receive the Association Newsletter by post. This is limited to Name (Initial, Last Name), Callsign, and Postal Address.

This is a physical list extracted from the full membership database, and will be shredded when superseded or no longer required.

Newsletter Submissions

When submitting articles, reports, adverts, etc. for inclusion in the newsletter or the website you acknowledge that The Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association will no longer have control over any personal data you include in the submission (e.g. phone number, email address).

The Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association Newsletter is part of the Association’s historical record. Any request to erase your personal data held by the club will not extend to the newsletter.

The Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association strongly advises you to refrain from submitting superfluous personal data for inclusion in the newsletter or on the website, and reserve the right to redact it before publication.

The Association’s policy regarding the publication or release of a member’s personal data is generally to restrict it to First Name and Callsign (if held) unless otherwise requested by the member.

Association Website

Unless they indicate otherwise, Members will be given an account on the Association website ( in order to access Member only information, such as the Newsletter archive. These accounts will contain only;

  • Callsign
  • Email address
  • Access level (e.g. Association Member, Website editor)

The Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association takes the security of our website seriously, we have additional security software installed which provides monitoring, as such the following actions will always alert an administrator by email (currently the Editor);

  • Attempts to reset a password
  • Successful password changes
  • All Failed logins
  • All Administrator Logins

These alerts will contain;

  • The username of the (attempted) action
  • The IP Address and Hostname from which the actions took place
  • A rough estimate of the geographic location of this IP Address

In line with common practice, we also record general activity on the Association Website, such as the number and time of visitors, where they come from (e.g. UK, or China), what pages they view, what browser they are using, etc. In these statistics, the user’s IP address in anonymised by removing the final byte (e.g. becomes

Training and Prospective Members

Individuals requesting and taking part in training run by The Association will be given “Student Membership”, affording them the same protection as all other Members.

In addition to the data we hold on Members, the Training Coordinator will also hold;

  • Details of the course(s) the individual is interested in, or taking part in
  • Broad age, specifically if they are considered a child

Upon completion of the training and exam;

  • Trainers will destroy any Personal Data they hold on the individual.
  • The individual will be contacted about relevant future training run by The Association, so long as they remain a member.
  • The Membership Secretary will be responsible for their records, not the Training Coordinator.


In line with UK Law, The Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association considers “children” to be under 16 years of age.

Any child seeking training or membership will require explicit parental consent, which will be stored alongside their entry in the Membership Database.

The Association reserves the right to refuse membership to those under 16.

Review and agreement

This Privacy Policy was last reviewed and agreed by the Committee on the 3rd of September 2018.

Any future changes will be detailed here.