January Meeting -Report

January saw our first ever “Skills Evening” meeting when several members manned tables to demonstrate or give advice on aspects of amateur radio.

We had eight tables around the room dealing with the following:

RSGB – manned by Giles G0NXA, the RSGB’s the Deputy Regional Manager for Region 5.  He promoted the RSGB and offered advice.

Programming hand-helds and mobiles – Stewart G0LGS was  programming VHF and UHF FM channels into members rigs.

D-Star and DMR Mobile Access  – a demonstration by Matt 2E0MDJ.

Workshop Techniques – a practical demo and display of tools and jigs by Colin G3VTS.

American Radio History – a promotion of the American website by Peter G3YJE.

DATA modes – a live demonstration of, eg, JT65 by Barry M0HFY.

SMD Techniques – Ken G3LVP showed examples of how to mount Surface Mounted Devices.

DXing – Tony G3SNN offered advice on working DX and displayed useful publications.

This turned out to be a very popular meeting with many members commenting how much they enjoyed the evening, with plenty to see and learn, and plenty of time to chat.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the evening the success it undoubtedly was, and especially to those who took turns manning the kitchen.

AGM Report

The 40th AGM of the Association was held on 15th December.

Tony G3YYH chaired the meeting which was attended by 32 members and 2 visitors. Fifteen apologies for absences were noted.

The Chairman’s and Treasurer’s Reports were approved without comment.

Certificates of Merit were presented to the section winners in the two CARA Challenges held during 2016.
It was announced that the Bernard King G3CEG Cup had been awarded to Graham G3VKV in recognition of his outstanding successes working through satellites and in particular through FO-29. Unfortunately Graham was not able to attend to receive the Cup, it will be presented to him later.
Exceptionally, the John Holt G3GWW Award went to three members of CARA in recognition of their sterling efforts and successes organising and running Foundation and Intermediate training courses: Ian G3TDT as the lead trainer for Foundation courses; Iain M0PCB as the lead trainer for Intermediate courses; Barry M0HFY for coordinating students, courses and exams.
Full citations will be posted separately and will also appear in CARA News.

It was agreed that the annual subscription should remain at £13.

The following were elected, unopposed, to serve on the 2017 committee.
Chairman: Tony G3YYH
Secretary: Derek G3NKS
Treasurer: Peter G3YJE
Committee Members:
Christopher M0YNG
Graham G8URP

Tony G3SNN was re-elected Accounts Examiner.

Under Any Other Business:
The pros and cons of moving to Newlands Park were debated. Strong views were voiced for and against the move. The Chairman assured the meeting that no decision to move will be taken without further consultation with the membership.
The year 2017 sees the 40th anniversary of CARA, to celebrate the occasion a barbeque and special event station was suggested.
Jon M0JMM spoke about the desirability of, and difficulty of, encouraging youngsters into the hobby. Max M0VNG described his positive experience with National Science Week in schools. It was said that youngsters were often attracted by what might be regarded as peripheral, rather than mainstream, amateur radio activities eg DF events and Raynet.

The meeting closed at 20.45.

November Meeting – Report


We were delighted to welcome Tim G4VXE back to Cheltenham to tell us about “Simple Satellite Operating”. He explained how with relatively simple equipment, such as a dual-band hand-held FM transceiver for 2m and 70cm with a hand-held yagi type aerial, it was possible to work through certain orbiting satellites by selecting the most appropriate orbit and time. He went on to describe the current amateur satellites in orbit and their various frequencies and modes of operation. Finally he mentioned the exploits of some of the leading proponents of satellite operating and the distances they achieve. In all a very interesting, informative and stimulating meeting and our grateful thanks go to Tim for the excellence of his presentation.

There was a good attendance, 37 people signed-in, well above the average number for most CARA meetings. Many thanks to everyone who turned out to support this special meeting. We were pleased to welcome several visitors and we look forward to seeing them again.

Most of those attending seemed happy with the venue, which was “on-trial”, in spite of the unexpected presence of others – we had been promised exclusive use of the room. Before the Committee makes any decision to move, the desirability or not of transferring to Newlands will be discussed at the AGM on 15th December at Brizen.

October Meeting – Report

We started with a mini-auction to dispose of a number of items from a former member who died earlier in the year.  These were mainly of low value, most of which went under the hammer, but the most valuable piece, a Hunter 750 HF Linear Amplifier failed to generate any interest so will now be advertised more widely.  Thanks go to the auctioneer, Chairman Tony G3YYH, who conducted proceedings in his usual efficient and humorous manner.

The auction was followed by a presentation by Matt 2E0MDJ on the work of the Gloucestershire Repeater Group.  Matt was well placed to present the talk as he is the Chairman of the Group.  He explained the Group’s history, described the repeaters currently maintained by the Group and spoke about future plans including the desire to introduce digital repeaters into the county.  This latter proposal generated some lively discussion with arguments for and against!  In all, a very interesting and informative session which enlightened some (many?) of the audience about the world of repeaters and digital voice.  Many thanks to Matt for taking the time to prepare and present the talk.

Thanks also go to John G8TTJ for manning the kitchen and providing us with tea, coffee and biscuits.

September Meeting – Report

This month we had a two short talks given by club members

Christopher M0YNG introduced us to the need for computer security.  He spoke about the need for passwords to be long but not complex and to be easily remembered (so that we don’t need to write them down) and recommended the use of LastPass.  He went on to describe some of the ways in which our privacy can be invaded by, for instance, the inclusion of mal-ware in adverts from certain sites.  He urged us to keep our software up-to-date especially our operating systems and never to post anything on-line which we don’t want the whole world to know!

Tony G3SNN began by giving us a brief history of his DX’ing successes and showing us photos of the antenna at his previous QTH near Hasfield where he had a big HF yagi on top of a 60ft tower.  Over the years he has worked 339 different DX entities (or countries, if you prefer) which puts him in the top league of DXers.  On moving, several  years ago now, to a house with a small garden he was at first disappointed with the prospects for on-going DX’ing but using a suitable multi-band vertical he has continued to be successful.  His current challenge is filling in as many “band-slots” as possible (ie working each DXCC entity on each HF band).

Many thanks  to Christopher and Tony for their very interesting and informative talks which were much appreciated by those present.  Thanks also to Colin G3TA for manning the tea bar.

August Meeting – Report

The “Bring and Show Something from your Shack” proved to be a very popular format with some 20 items being brought along and displayed.  These ranged from a WW2 Wireless Set 19 complete with accessories and a 1950’s Raymart Bandchecker (an absorption wavemeter, a mandatory piece of test gear for every shack up until the 1960s) to modern equipment such as the latest Icom IC-7300 multi-band transceiver and the SDR Play.  Other items of particular interest included a Vizkey (a vertical mechanical bug-key), an SG Labs 23cm transceiver, and a home-constructed bi-quad for 23cm.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the evening by bringing along kit.   Another well attended and enjoyable meeting in spite of the uncomfortable heat and noise level.

July Meeting – Report

The Car Boot Sale turned out to be yet another indoor sale – thanks to the inclement weather.  It’s rained more often than not when we’ve held an outside meeting in the Brizen car park, so may be we should take the hint and give up such events.  But may be we’ll have better luck next time!

There were some six seller who set up their wares on tables in the hall, most reported lots of interest and plenty of sales.  One seller, although he sold a lot of stuff, went home with more than he came with thanks to the generosity of several members who donated their left-overs to him to sell at future events for the benefit of the club.

It was a well attended meeting with lots of chat and socialising even though the room was very hot and humid – and noisy.  Many thanks to Barry M0HFY for serving up the teas, coffees and biscuits.

January Meeting – Report

A well attended meeting heard Giles G0NXA tell us about the Smith Chart and how it can be used to help match an aerial to a transmission line.  He had downloaded a program from the internet and used this to demonstrate what could be achieved with the Smith Chart.  We’re grateful to Giles for taking so much trouble to present this long delayed follow-up to his talk on aerial matching last August.

Also at the meeting, two awards  for 2015 were presented.

The John Holt G3GWW Trophy, awarded to a member performing exceptional service ,  went to Andrew (Smurf) 2E0OAV, a relative newcomer to amateur radio.  The award recognised his enthusiastic approach to the hobby,  his work introducing amateur radio to members of his Scout troop,  his involvement with Jamboree on the Air, his efforts negotiating the use of a portable site at Withington for use by CARA for the 2015 Fun Field Day and his extensive contribution to that Field Day.  The photo shows Smurf receiving the Trophy from Chairman Tony G3YYH.


The Bernard King G3CEG Memorial Cup went to Iain M0PCB for his noteworthy and praiseworthy on-the-air activities.  He has been very active in contests.  Some examples: in March 2014 he operated as VP2MXI from Monserrat in the Caribbean for the RSGB Commonwealth Contest with much success and in 2015 he was a member of, and sole CW operator for, a leading multi-mode station in the RSGB’s IOTA contest.  Also in 2014 he was a member of the Special Event Station team at Mill Hill School celebrating the 90th anniversary of the first ever radio contact between Europe and New Zealand.  In 2015 he took part in the C5X DXpedition to Gambia which handed out very many QSOs to amateurs worldwide.  The photo shows Iain receiving the cup from Chairman Tony G3YYH.


Thanks go to Mike G3LHU for manning the kitchen and providing us with much appreciated cups of tea and coffee – plus biscuits of course!

AGM – Brief Report

Twenty-seven members attended the 39th Annual General Meeting held on 10th December 2015.

The Chairman’s Report, the Treasurer’s Report and the Financial Statement were all accepted.

The following were elected unopposed:

Chairman:  Tony G3YYH

Secretary:  Derek G3NKS

Treasurer:  Peter G3YJE

Committee Members:

Christopher M0YNG, Giles G0NXA, James 2E0GEL

Accounts Examiner:  Tony G3SNN

The Treasurer proposed that the annual subscription for 2016 should remain at £13; this was agreed on a majority vote.

Under Any Other Business it was suggested that a Christmas Day Net be held at 10am on 145.400MHz.  It was also suggested that the next Spring Challenge should be  a “Work CARA Members” competition.


Derek G3NKS

November Meeting – Report

The SK auction held on Thursday 19th November 2015, to dispose of radio equipment which belong to  Maurice G3XKD, was a great success.  Nearly 40 people were present, the best attendance at a club meeting for a long time.

There were 99 lots to get through and our auctioneer, Tony G3YYH, did great job to finish by just after 9pm.  This was achieved through a mixture of encouragement of bidders, cajoling and the rapid bringing down of the auctioneer’s gavel! And some humour, needless to say.

The outcome resulted in a significant increase in club funds, to the tune of many hundreds of pounds.  Maurice G3XKD had very kindly donated all his radio equipment to the club for use or disposal as the Committee wished, for which we are most grateful.

Many thanks to Tony G3YYH for  so ably acting as auctioneer and to his many helpers both before and during the meeting, including those who helped clear out Maurice’s shack, and who sorted, cleaned and tested equipment and who turned up early on the day to help prepare  the room for the auction.

Many thanks also to James 2E0GEL and Ken G3LVP for manning the kitchen and providing us with much appreciated cuppas.

Derek G3NKS