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January Meeting

To judge by the amount of activity around the designated data mode frequencies, such modes are very popular these days, with more being introduced as the months go on.

Barry M0HFY has kindly agreed to tell us about a few of the more popular modes such as PSK, JT65 and FT8. He will also explain the best way to interface our computers with our rigs.

This should be a very interesting meeting which will appeal to a wide range of club members.

Thursday 18th January, 7.30 for 8pm at the Brizen Centre, Up Hatherley Way, located between Morrisons and the Shurdington Road.

Beware of the height barrier when entering the car-park.

Visitors and prospective members will be welcomed, as always.

CARA Christmas Lunch

On 19th December seventeen of us gathered for lunch at the Toby Carvery in Brockworth. The men sat at one table:

l-r: G3TEV, G4ENA, M0HFY, G3YYH, G3YJE, G3LVP, G3KII. Photo by G3NKS

And the ladies at another:

l-r; G3YYH/2, G4ENA/2, G3NKS/2, G3YJE/2, G3TEV/2 G3LVP/2, M0HFY/2

We enjoyed good food and good conversation. A great time was had.


This is a brief report on the AGM. A fuller report will appear in an early issue of CARA News.

Twenty-five members and one visitor (who subsequently signed-up as a member) attended the meeting.

The minutes of the 2016 meeting were approved followed an amendment

The Chairman’s and Treasurer’s reports were approved unanimously.

The proposal to keep the annual subscription at £13 was approved.

The following were elected unopposed to serve on the committee for 2018:
Chairman: Tony G3YYH
Secretary: Derek G3NKS
Treasurer: Peter G3YJE

l-r: Peter G3YJE, Tony G3YYH, Derek G3NKS

Committee members: Christopher M0YNG (Editor of CARA News)
Graham G8URP who will continue to act as Membership Secretary.

Accounts Examiner (non-committee post): Tony G3SNN

It was suggested that the club should buy equipment, especially test gear, for loan to members. Another suggestion was that a survey of members’ opinions about the club and its activities should be conducted. The Chairman said both these suggestions will be considered by the 2018 Committee.

It was confirmed that the committee was still seeking a better venue for our monthly meetings, two had been considered but rejected as being unsuitable.

The meeting closed at 20.18 following a vote of thanks to the committee for doing a good job during 2017.

After the formal meeting, we enjoyed much chat and a generously provided finger buffet and a bar.

Barman Tim G8PZD sampling his wares!


This year’s AGM will take place on Thursday 14th December at the Brizen centre, Up Hatherley Way, Cheltenham starting at 8pm prompt.   Doors will be open by 7.30pm.

Thje Brizen centre is located between the Shurdington Road and Morrisons,  Beware of the height barrier when entering the car-park.

Visitors and prospective members will be made welcome.


November Meeting

We are pleased that former CARA member Andy G0EVX has kindly agreed to talk to us this month.  The title of his talk is “A Modern Approach to Amateur Radio” and he’ll be describing some of the modern technologies which can be used today such as SDRs (don’t know what they are?  Come along and find out!).

Thursday 16th November, 7.30 for 8pm, at the Brizen Centre, Up Hatherley Way.

Beware of the height barrier when entering the car-park.

Visitors and prospective members will be welcomed, as always.


October Meeting Report

The “bring and show something from your shack” meeting on 19th October produced a wide and fascinating display of exhibits. Here’s a list, in no particular order, of the items on show and their owners:

Baofeng 70cm handheld costing £15 new! Graham G8XRS.

Tytera MD-380 DMR radio talking to a Bluestack hot-spot. Malcolm G0TMP.

GCR9 (“Angry 9”) military HF AM/CW radio, Codar AT5 (160 & 80m AM/CW transmitter) with PSU, Heathkit HW-9 QRP HF CW transceiver with tuner and watt meter, Heathkit HW-12 80m SSB transceiver, laptop accessing old radio magazines. Peter G3YJE.

Pye PCR2 (WW2 vintage LW/MW/SW “domestic” receiver as used in NAAFIs etc). Derek G3NKS.

Vertical hand-drill, modified for some unknown purpose (any suggestions?) Tim G8PZD.

Icom IC-706 HF transceiver with matching unit and power supply. Christopher M0YNG.

High Power ATU type BC-939A for BC-610 AM transmitter, ex-US military. Tony G3YYH.

ETM9COG Morse memory keyer, paddle and Morse reader. Giles G0NXA.

Step-ladder steady made using scaffolding clamps bought at a recent CARA sale. Small computer HP260. Colin G3VTS.

Display of Morse paddles, mostly home-constructed. Colin G3TA.

FreeSat receiver type V7HD, costing £20. Simon G6AHX.

Demonstration of how to unsolder quad packaged ICs using “magic” metal. Ken G3LVP.

A good evening with much interest being shown in the exhibits – and lots of chat.

Many thanks to Tony G3YYH for manning the kitchen.

Foundation Licence Course

CARA is please to announce that all four candidates who completed the recent Foundation Licence course and exam run by the club were successful. We offer them our congratulations and hope to meet them on the air and see them at future meetings of the club.

If you are interested in joining CARA’s next Foundation or Intermediate courses and exams, please contact Barry at

CARA Fun Activity Challenge

Members are now getting into the swing of the new club challenge, with people operating from the most weird and wonderful places in order to score points and get on the club leader board, we even had radio operations from a CARA club night . Some of the rarer activities to-date from our challengers are – activating a castle, activating a relative’s house and visiting another amateur radio club. Each month the leadership has changed and this month we have a new leader who is now only 7 points away from his bronze award. Please send your score sheet to or bring it along to any club night and we will get you in the running for certificates and prizes.

Below is the current leader board from 8th place up to the September meeting, congratulations to Christopher M0YNG who has jumped into the lead this month.

Position Callsign Name Score
1 M0YNG Christopher 18
2 G3NKS Derek 15
3 G6AHX Simon 15
4 M0URF Andrew (Smurf) 11
5 G0NXA Giles 7
6 G3YJE Peter 6
7 M0HFY Barry 5
8 M0JMM Jon 4

Report by Jon M0JMM

October Meeting

The main feature of our meeting on 19th October will be a “Bring and Show” event. We’re looking forward to seeing something new, something old or something unusual from members’ radio room/shacks. Perhaps a new acquisition or a piece of treasured gear from the past, perhaps something which other members may not have seen before.

The meeting will start with a short, and we do mean short, auction to dispose of a few items of SK stuff including a 3 ele 6m yagi, an old LW/MW/SW valve receiver and a 12V 6Amp PSU. Cash payment only on the night.

As usual doors will be open by 7.30 for an 8pm start. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available – a volunteer for kitchen duties would be appreciated please.

Visitor and prospective members will be made welcome, as always.

Thursday 19th October 2017 at the Brizen Centre, Up Hatherley Way located Between Morrison’s and the Shurdington Road.

Beware of the height barrier when entering the car park.

September Meeting – Report

At Septembers meeting we were entertained by Roger, G4BVY, who is very well known in contesting circles and headlined his talk as one not having any equations in it! His trip to Suriname operating as PZ5K which, of course, we all knew to be at the top end of South America, was their location for the CQ WW SSB Contest.

Having rented a ‘Shack’ from a guy they had never met, at a place they had never seen added quite a lot of risk to the venture. However, the whole experience turned out to be very successful, especially when the shack comes with two multiband beams on two large lattice towers in a 400m x 80m plot. In addition, they also had 80m dipole, 160m ‘T’, a Beverage and a Butternut vertical and some big amplifiers to play with. Their logging programme (not Roger’s favourite) was ‘Win-Test’.

Roger described the interesting collection of boxes from the weighty hand luggage linking the aerials to provide diversity operation. They had the pleasure of W6s in the left ear and W1s in the right! Quite a lot of analysis on good QTHs to maximise contest points had preceded the trip. Certain spots in the world work consistently well, although PZ did rely on double hop propagation quite a bit. They came creditable 6th.

My highlight of Roger’s talk was the 100 seconds recording of the contest station on 15m working US stations at a rate of 320/hour. The calm efficiency and relentless attention to keeping each contact to the minimum time was fascinating to hear.

So, for about $1000/person, they enjoyed full board and lodgings, a shack and an aerial farm. A return visit is on the cards.

Report by G4ENA