November Meeting – Bring something ‘new’ from your shack

Members were invited to “Bring and Show Something New” from their shacks. Not necessarily brand new, but new to them. We had a wide range of different equipment and demonstrations, as well as a good natter.

It was a lively meeting with several new people dropping to have a look.

A great time was had by all.


Colin, G3VTS, showing a Picoscope USB oscilloscope borrowed from Martin, G4ENZ
Colin, G3VTS, showing a Picoscope USB oscilloscope borrowed from Martin, G4ENZ
Peter, G3YJE, with his Icom IC-7600
Peter, G3YJE, with his Icom IC-7600
Graham, G4FUJ, showing a JRC Marine Morse Key
Graham, G4FUJ, showing a JRC Marine Morse Key
Iain, M0PCB, showing his limited edition RSGB Centenary morse key
Iain, M0PCB, showing his limited edition RSGB Centenary morse key

G100RSGB from CARA – Final Report

Well, what a lot of fun we all had! Not only the operators of G100RSGB but also the many club members who worked the station, some on many bands and modes.

The CARA operation took place on 2nd, 3rd and 4th November 2013, with Martin G4ENZ hosting the station on the 2nd and 4th, and Stewart G0LGS, ably aided by Matt 2E0MDJ, on 3rd November. Over the three days we made a total of 1677 QSOs across the bands from 160m to 70cm. We worked 27 CARA members who made 141 QSOs in total. The leading CARA QSO maker was Don G3ZKN who accumulated 23 contacts, closely followed by Derek G3NKS with 20 and then Stewart G0LGS with 10. A full list of members who worked G100RSGB will appear in an early issue of CARA News.

Here is a summary of the results. A fuller report will appear in CARA News.

Sunday 3rd November:
G100RSGB made 423 QSOs that day, with 376 on HF mainly by Matt 2E0MDJ on 20m, 15m and 10m and with 87 on VHF and UHF mainly by Stewart G0LGS. A total of 51 DXCC entities (countries) were worked including CE, CO, ER, FO, KP4, PY, TG, TI, UA0, VP8 (Falklands), VU, XE, YB and ZF. An impressive list! 15m was the most productive band as far as DXCC entities are concerned with 31 worked.
A total of 61 QSOs were had with CARA members on various bands and modes, including AM!

Saturday 2nd, Monday 4th November:
G100RSGB made a total of 1255 QSOs over the two days, with operators Derek G3NKS, Ian G3TDT, Martin G4ENZ and Iain M0PCB. Of these QSOs, 264 were on SSB, 893 on CW, 91 on PSK31, 1 on PSK63, 1 on RTTY and 5 on JT65. The DXCC entity count came to 61, including 5T, ER, HZ, JA, KP2, KP4, PY, UA0, VK, VP8 (Falklands), XE, ZL, and ZS. The most number of entities worked on a single band was 36 on 40m.
A total of 80 QSOs were made with CARA members.

Many thanks go to Martin G4ENZ and Stewart G0LGS for hosting the callsign. Special thanks to Penny (XYL of Martin) for sustaining the operators at G4ENZ with coffee, tea, cake and biscuits. Many thanks also to all the club members who sought out G100RSGB across the bands and made QSOs. It really was a superb club effort all round.

Our grateful thanks go to all the hundred of operators around the world who called us and helped to make the G100RSGB operation from CARA such a great success.

G100RSGB – Third day report

For the third day of G100RSGB from CARA, the operation returned to the QTH of G4ENZ, with operators Martin G4ENZ, Iain M0PCB, Ian G3TDT and Derek G3NKS. Another 578 QSOs were added to the log on all bands from 160m to 6m using SSB, CW, PSK and JT65. For the operators it was another very enjoyable and rewarding day.

A final report will be issued shortly summarizing the three-day CARA operation. In the meantime, here are some more photos.

Martin G4ENZ concentrating on the DX!
Martin G4ENZ concentrating on the DX!
The G100RSGB set-up at G4ENZ
The G100RSGB set-up at G4ENZ
The logging screen at G100RSGB.
The logging screen at G100RSGB.

G100RSGB – Second day report

The second day’s G100RSGB operation by CARA on Sunday 3rd November took place from the QTH of Stewart G0LGS and Matt 2E0MDJ.

On VHF/UHF (6m, 4m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm) – 87 QSOs.
On HF – 336 QSOs mainly on 20m, 15m and 10m SSB but with a few PSK-31 on 80m.

Best DX:
HF – FO4BM on 10m SSB at 1831.
VHF – 2W0JYN near Wrexham on 2m FM.

Yaesu FT-847 for 6m, 2m SSB.
Icom TMD-700 for 2m and 70cm FM.
Kenwood TR-531 for 23cm FM.
Yaesu FT950 for 80m, 20m, 15m, 10m.

2m 8 Ele Yagi, 70cm 14 Ele Yagi @ 8m AGL.
Diamond VX7000 @ 11m for V/UHF FM.
3 Ele Jaybeam Mini-max for 20m, 15m, 10m.
G5RV for 80m and 40m.

Matt 2E0MDJ on HF SSB.
Matt 2E0MDJ on HF SSB.
Stewart G0LGS operating G100RSGB.
Stewart G0LGS operating G100RSGB.
HF Station at G0LGS
HF Station at G0LGS
The VHF/UHF set-up at G0LGS
The VHF/UHF set-up at G0LGS

G100RSGB – First day report

The first day of the G100RSGB operation by CARA on Saturday 2nd November resulted in a grand total of 677 QSOs in spite of some bands being crowded with various contest for much of the time. All of the allowable bands between 160m and 10m were used, using four modes: CW, PSK31, RTTY and SSB with CW producing most contacts.

Some 51 DXCC entities (countries) were worked across the 9 bands, the best DX being VK and VP8 (Falkland Is). A good number of club members made contact; some on several, and a few on many, bands.

The operators were Martin G4ENZ, Ian G3TDT, Iain M0PCB and Derek G3NKS. The station consisted of a K3 transceiver plus P3 spectrum-scope, a KPA500 amplifier and a KAT-500 auto atu feeding either an R8 vertical or a doublet for the LF bands.

Many thanks to Martin G4ENZ for hosting the operation and to his XYL Penny for sustaining the operators with tea, cake and biscuits!

Derek G3NKS enjoying a slice of Penny's delicious cake!
Derek G3NKS enjoying a slice of Penny’s delicious cake!
Ian G3TDT busy working the puile-up on 40m SSB.
Ian G3TDT busy working the pile-up on 40m SSB.
Iain M0PCB busy on CW ignoring Chloe's socks!
Iain M0PCB busy on CW ignoring Chloe’s hand knitted socks!

G100RSGB Operating Schedule

G100RSGB from G4ENZ.

Operating schedule:

Saturday 2nd November: CW 0700-1300, Data 1300-1400, SSB 1400-1600, CW 1600-2100, Data 2100-2200, SSB 2200-2300, CW 2300-2400

Monday 4th November: Data 0500-0700, CW 0700-1000, SSB 1000-1400, Data 1400-1500, CW 1600-20:00, SSB 2000-2100, CW/Data 2100-2400

These are the primary modes, band conditions and activity may cause some variation.

Operators: Derek G3NKS (CW), Ian G3TDT (SSB), Martin G4ENZ (all modes), Iain M0PCB (CW).


CARA will be hosting the RSGB Centenary Callsign G100RSGB on Saturday 2nd, Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th of November from the stations of G4ENZ (on the Saturday and Monday) and G0LGS (on the Sunday). The station will be active on all bands (except 60m) from 160m down to 70cm, on SSB, FM, CW and Data. We hope to be on the air for most of the 24 hours each day.

On Saturday the operation will be on HF on SSB, CW and Data with most of the SSB during the early afternoon. Sunday will see the main VHF/UHF operation, as well as some HF operation on SSB. On Monday the operation will be on HF on SSB, CW and Data with most of the SSB operation taking place between 10.00 and 14.00 hrs.

Follow the operations by monitoring spots on the DX cluster network, or on the Centenary Station Alerts page of the RSGB website, or on Twitter. The Twitter feed can be monitored at – the CARA website.

JOTA 2013 – Report from Sevenhampton

For this year’s JOTA the Sevenhampton Scout Group camped in a field near the masts on Cleeve Hill. The Scout Leader Stuart G7IHN was assisted by Giles G0NXA who provided much of the equipment.

CARA made available an 80m loaded dipole which also resonated on 40m and this was strung between a convenient telegraph pole and a 42′ portable mast. Used in conjunction with a TS570 this offered good performance on both bands. The following morning a Capco SPC matching unit was added which extended the coverage from 80m through to 10m.

On 2m operations commenced with an IC271e feeding a mag mounted car aerial, coverage was never satisfactory. On Saturday, this was altered to use the pump up mast on Stuart’s Vauxhall Frontera to support a rotator and J Beam quad. Performance fell below expectation but some local contacts were made, so effort was concentrated on HF. This is perhaps to be expected as there was no testing prior to the event.

All the Scouts who attended the site were able to talk to other stations and several were heard talking to their parents about Foundation Courses. Stuart, the Scout Leader, is going to follow this up in the immediate future.

JOTA 2013 – Report from Twyning

Simon G6AHX, Tom M6TWR and Rick G6UZT assisted Adrian G0VLG in running JotA station GB0TWY at Twyning School.

They ran various laptops with Skype and path profile programs, and operated on hf and vhf/uhf. Adrian is a scout leader in the village and has a pump-up mast for his job. This mast was set up in the school playing field adjacent to the school. Rick had made a 2m/70cm aerial for the top and Giles produced a 40m dipole. Simon produced a PSU and rig for 2m/70cm.

They had visits from various local groups staggered by an hour each. This allowed the visiting scouts to speak with GB2SSG and GB1GLO during the day until 1600 when the station was closed.


Plans for CARA’s activation of the RSGB’s Centenary Callsign G100RSGB on 2nd, 3rd and 4th November are well advanced. Martin G4ENZ will host the station on Saturday 2nd and Monday 4th assisted by Derek G3NKS, Ian G3TDT and Iain M0PCB. Stewart G0LGS will host the station on Sunday 3rd assisted by Matt 2E0MDJ and Nick G4WLC. Twenty-four hour operation over the three days is being planned. More details nearer the time.