CW NFD 2013 – Results

The results of HF CW National Field Day in June are now available on the RSGB website.

For various reasons G5BK/P was active for just a few day-time hours on the Sunday instead of the planned 24 hour period of the contest. The revised plan had been to enter the Low Power Section (5W, 12 hours max) but a misunderstanding of the antenna rules (by G3NKS!) meant that the entry had to go in the Restricted Section (100W and 24 hours). Not unexpectedly G5BK/P came 20th out of 20. Had the entry been eligible for the Low Power section the result would have been much better: 6th out of 10, not bad for just 7 hours of operation out of the 12 allowed and with no operation on 160m where there was a “times-two” points bonus for each QSO. However the exercise proved that QRP operation was fun and could produce good results, something to remember when future CARA entries in this annual event are being considered. The operators were G3NKS and G4ENA. The rig was an Elecraft KX3 and the antennas were dipoles for 40m and 20m on a common feeder. See photos elsewhere on this website.