JOTA 2013 – Report from Twyning

Simon G6AHX, Tom M6TWR and Rick G6UZT assisted Adrian G0VLG in running JotA station GB0TWY at Twyning School.

They ran various laptops with Skype and path profile programs, and operated on hf and vhf/uhf. Adrian is a scout leader in the village and has a pump-up mast for his job. This mast was set up in the school playing field adjacent to the school. Rick had made a 2m/70cm aerial for the top and Giles produced a 40m dipole. Simon produced a PSU and rig for 2m/70cm.

They had visits from various local groups staggered by an hour each. This allowed the visiting scouts to speak with GB2SSG and GB1GLO during the day until 1600 when the station was closed.