G100RSGB – First day report

The first day of the G100RSGB operation by CARA on Saturday 2nd November resulted in a grand total of 677 QSOs in spite of some bands being crowded with various contest for much of the time. All of the allowable bands between 160m and 10m were used, using four modes: CW, PSK31, RTTY and SSB with CW producing most contacts.

Some 51 DXCC entities (countries) were worked across the 9 bands, the best DX being VK and VP8 (Falkland Is). A good number of club members made contact; some on several, and a few on many, bands.

The operators were Martin G4ENZ, Ian G3TDT, Iain M0PCB and Derek G3NKS. The station consisted of a K3 transceiver plus P3 spectrum-scope, a KPA500 amplifier and a KAT-500 auto atu feeding either an R8 vertical or a doublet for the LF bands.

Many thanks to Martin G4ENZ for hosting the operation and to his XYL Penny for sustaining the operators with tea, cake and biscuits!

Derek G3NKS enjoying a slice of Penny's delicious cake!
Derek G3NKS enjoying a slice of Penny’s delicious cake!
Ian G3TDT busy working the puile-up on 40m SSB.
Ian G3TDT busy working the pile-up on 40m SSB.
Iain M0PCB busy on CW ignoring Chloe's socks!
Iain M0PCB busy on CW ignoring Chloe’s hand knitted socks!