CARA Christmas Lunch

Twenty three members and spouses/partners had a very jovial time at the Toby Carvery at Brockworth on Tuesday 17th December partaking of their special Christmas menu. We enjoyed good food, lively chat and much bonhomie. The place was very busy, probably full to capacity, so we had to wait a bit for food especially at the carvery itself. But this did not really mar an otherwise very successful and greatly appreciated event. Many thanks to Chairman Doug G4IGN for booking us in and to Treasurer Peter G3YJE for handling the finances so efficiently.

Here are a few photos (left click to enlarge and see full picture):

G3SZS G3LVP G3KII G4IGN l-r Ron G3SZS, Ken G3LVP, Derek G3KII, Doug G4IGN

G3XSJ and G4RFU l-r Ken G3XSJ, David G4RFU

G3YJE M0HFY G0TMP l-r Peter G3YJE, Barry M0HFY, Malcolm G0TMP

G6OTP G3TEV l-r Michael G6OTP, Michael G3TEV

The Ladies! The Ladies!

Photos and report by Derek G3NKS