April Meeting – Report

In a change to the earlier published programme we were treated to three short presentations.

Simon G4SGI began by telling us about his /M activities on two wheels, describing his radio set-up and showing a short video of him pedalling away and in QSO – a sort of video “selfie” perhaps!

Simon then went on to talk about HackRF, an interesting new Software Defined Radio with open source software which transmits and receives over the range 10MHz to 6GHz. He may buy one and return to the club later with a longer talk and demo.

Finally Doug G4IGN related his plans for Railways-on-the-Air (RotA) in September when we’ll be operating two HF stations from the Cheltenham Racecourse station of the GWR Heritage Railway, with a tower and an HF beam. One of Doug’s main aims is to encourage our newly licensed members to come along and operate on HF from a station with a decent antenna and may be work some interesting DX. There then followed a G4SGI video of an earlier RotA operation.

All three presentations were well received and much enjoyed. Many thanks to Doug G4IGN and Simon G4SGI for filling in the gap in our meeting programme at short notice.

There were 28 members at the meeting.