National Field Day 2014

This weekend, 7/8 June, clubs and groups throughout the British Isles, and also throughout Europe, will be heading for the countryside to operate under portable conditions to take part in the long running National Field Day event. This is a CW only contest which takes place on the six main HF bands and runs from 1500utc on the Saturday to 1500utc on the Sunday. Although the origins of the event are based on emergency communications, these days many regard it as an enjoyable and special contest where one can operate with decent aerials and away from the fog of urban QRM.

CARA will be represented by G5BK/P operated by Iain M0PCB, Peter G4ENA and Martin G4ENZ.

G3NKS/P will also be active, reviving the Great Western Contest Group which won the Restricted Section of NFD in 1981, 1982 and 1983.

Both stations will be entering the 12 hour Low-Power/QRP Section.