80m Slow Morse


The last CARA 80m Morse Activity Evening of 2015 took place on Tuesday 28th December and attracted at good turn out. The following club members were either worked, heard or reported to have been active that evening:
Giles G0NXA , Alan G3HCO, Derek G3NKS, Tom G3XMM, Peter G4ENA, Dave GM3COQ, and Iain M0PCB (apologies to anyone not listed).

The CARA Morse Activity Evenings take place every Tuesday from 8pm to 9m local time, between 3540 and 3550KHz. All contacts are one-to-one and are conducted at the speed of the slowest. You will be welcomed whatever your level of expertise.

On the first Tuesday of every month the use of mechanical keys, ie straight keys and bug-keys, is encouraged.

Join in the fun and keep in contact with your fellow club members.