AGM – Brief Report

Twenty-seven members attended the 39th Annual General Meeting held on 10th December 2015.

The Chairman’s Report, the Treasurer’s Report and the Financial Statement were all accepted.

The following were elected unopposed:

Chairman:  Tony G3YYH

Secretary:  Derek G3NKS

Treasurer:  Peter G3YJE

Committee Members:

Christopher M0YNG, Giles G0NXA, James 2E0GEL

Accounts Examiner:  Tony G3SNN

The Treasurer proposed that the annual subscription for 2016 should remain at £13; this was agreed on a majority vote.

Under Any Other Business it was suggested that a Christmas Day Net be held at 10am on 145.400MHz.  It was also suggested that the next Spring Challenge should be  a “Work CARA Members” competition.


Derek G3NKS