March Meeting Report

The club’s annual Constructors’ Exhibition was well attended and there were some very interesting exhibits on display.

Peter G4ENA and Colin G3TA kindly agreed to judge the entries. They complimented the constructors on the quality and variety of their work, and after careful deliberation made the following awards.

The Bill Brown G5BK Memorial Cup for “Best in Show” to Graham G3VKV for his superbly built 144MHz to 3,400MHz Transverter, 50W amplifier and PSU.

The Pat Moore G3IKR Memorial Cup for “Innovative Construction” to Tony G3YYH for his R1155/T1154 PSU, his first major constructional project, ever!

The Roger Kendall G0UPU Memorial Cup for “Best Software or Computer Related Project” to Matt 2E0MDJ for his Air Navigation and Weather Station powered by a Raspberry Pi III.

It was a very enjoyable meeting with much to look at and to talk about, and plenty of time to chat and socialise.

Many thanks to Alan M0NRO for volunteering to man the kitchen and provide us with tea, coffee and biscuits – now free of charge!


Cup Winners. Left-to-right: Graham G3VKV, Tony G3YYH, Matt 2E0MDJ.