August Meeting – Report

The “Bring and Show Something from your Shack” proved to be a very popular format with some 20 items being brought along and displayed.  These ranged from a WW2 Wireless Set 19 complete with accessories and a 1950’s Raymart Bandchecker (an absorption wavemeter, a mandatory piece of test gear for every shack up until the 1960s) to modern equipment such as the latest Icom IC-7300 multi-band transceiver and the SDR Play.  Other items of particular interest included a Vizkey (a vertical mechanical bug-key), an SG Labs 23cm transceiver, and a home-constructed bi-quad for 23cm.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the evening by bringing along kit.   Another well attended and enjoyable meeting in spite of the uncomfortable heat and noise level.