September Meeting – Report

This month we had a two short talks given by club members

Christopher M0YNG introduced us to the need for computer security.  He spoke about the need for passwords to be long but not complex and to be easily remembered (so that we don’t need to write them down) and recommended the use of LastPass.  He went on to describe some of the ways in which our privacy can be invaded by, for instance, the inclusion of mal-ware in adverts from certain sites.  He urged us to keep our software up-to-date especially our operating systems and never to post anything on-line which we don’t want the whole world to know!

Tony G3SNN began by giving us a brief history of his DX’ing successes and showing us photos of the antenna at his previous QTH near Hasfield where he had a big HF yagi on top of a 60ft tower.  Over the years he has worked 339 different DX entities (or countries, if you prefer) which puts him in the top league of DXers.  On moving, several  years ago now, to a house with a small garden he was at first disappointed with the prospects for on-going DX’ing but using a suitable multi-band vertical he has continued to be successful.  His current challenge is filling in as many “band-slots” as possible (ie working each DXCC entity on each HF band).

Many thanks  to Christopher and Tony for their very interesting and informative talks which were much appreciated by those present.  Thanks also to Colin G3TA for manning the tea bar.