July Meeting – Report

July Meeting report

The “On-the-Air” meeting turned out to be very successful and highly enjoyable with a large number of members setting up stations in the car-park or simply operating /M. Unfortunately I don’t have an accurate record of those who took an active part but here the list I do have with apologies to those I’ve missed and for any errors:

Graham G8XRS 2m /M
Rich 2E0KXL 2m /M
John 2E0POE 40m
Peter G3YJE 80m, 2m
Mike G6OTP 4m, 2m
Tony G3YYH 80m from his Landrover with a 40ft telescopic mast
Malcolm G0TMP 2m, 70cm /M
Simon G4SGI 40m with a magnetic loop.
Derek G3NKS 4m, 2m, 70cm
Peter G4ENA 160m /M
Ken G3LVP 4m, 2m, 70cm /M
Alan M0NRO 40m
Smurf M0URF
Christopher M0YNG 80m

Aerials ranged from dipoles and end-fed wires held aloft by push-up telescopic masts to mobile whips. Peter G4ENA flew a kite to carry a 160m wire aerial.

For me the highlight of the evening was being introduced to the use of my smart phone for listening to the Q0/100 geo-stationary satellite courtesy of the BARTC 10GHz SDR receiver at Goonhilly. I heard Graham G3VKV working Frank G3RMD – both stations were in Cheltenham about 2 miles apart yet their signals travelled some 46,000 miles each way to make the contact!

Our member in France for the summer, Peter G4IOA, listened for us on 40m SSB. I don’t think he worked anyone at the meeting but did work Giles G0NXA who was at home in Twyning.

The new “CARA CQ Alert” channel on WhatsApp was used it good effect, helping members to make contact on the various bands. ( If you wish to join the channel please email me at g3nks@blueyonder.co.uk )

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the meeting and especially to those who brought along interesting and impressive set-ups.