CARA Challenge – Autumn 2016

This challenge is to encourage members, and especially the newly licensed and the not-so-active, to get on the bands and to do some operating.


Member Countries Voice CW Data
G3ZKN 58 157 136 26
M0HFY 57 22 231
G3SNN 54 83 94
G0NXA 53 64 92
G4ENZ 52 23 75 180
M0JBM 47 233
G3NKS 38 111 30
G3VTS 37 5 113
G3SZS 31 8 91
M0NQN 15 25 50
M0JMM 11 34
M0YNG 4 11
G3YYH 4 11


Eligible Entrants

Fully paid-up members of CARA.

Qualifying Period

0001utc on 1st October to 2359utc on 31st October 2016.

Qualifying contacts

The challenge is to work the 73 European countries listed in the CARA Challenge Check List Spreadsheet. Contacts made with any mode and on any band can count for credit.  Each European country will count just once per mode (Voice, Data or CW).  5 points will be awarded for contacts made with 10w or less, 3 points for 50w or less, 2 points for 100w or less and 1 point for over 100w.   A country may be worked again at a lower power level for improved credit.  (Note working a country on 100w and 50w and 10w will score just 5 points not 10!)  As many countries appear with a range of exotic prefixes, to avoid missing countries, it is recommended that you use a good logging program.


All modes are allowed as long as a two-way contact is made.   Where speech is transmitted digitally it will count as a Voice contact.   Internet-linked modes can count for credit as long as a part of the contact is on an amateur radio frequency and the RF originates from the participant’s station.

Multiple callsigns

A participant may only submit contacts made by one callsign except where the participant upgrades their licence during the challenge.



…or by request from


Maintain your own checklist using the checklist spreadsheet. Enter details of Date, Callsign worked, Band, Mode and Power and regularly forward by email to  Regular submission is encouraged so that the leaderboard can be kept up-to-date.  If you cannot work with spreadsheets, then emails with Date, Callsign worked, Band, Mode and Power will also be accepted.


A leaderboard will be maintained on the CARA web site and will be published in CARA news.


Awards will be made to the three highest point scorers in each of the categories Voice, Data and CW.   If a participant heads the leaderboard in more than one mode they will receive an award for their highest scoring mode only.