CARA Fun Activity Challenge

A New Fun Challenge for Club Members

In June 2017 Jon M0JMM introduced to the club night attendees a new activity for the CARA club members called the CARA Fun Activity Challenge.  He described how it is designed to :-

encourage general amateur radio activity

encourage use of different aspects of the hobby

be based mainly around operating and be fun

allow awards given as achievements are made

have a ladder type leader board kept

encourage new club members and newly licenced amateurs to join in and operate

be a great introduction to multiple aspects of the hobby

appeal to younger members

encourage attendance at meetings and at field days/events

It is based around activity and QSOs from various and sometimes unusual locations, different bands, multiple modes and some fun items including different radios, clubs, nets, repeaters etc.

Logging and recording your activity

Use the form already distributed to members.  Additional copies available from:

  • Each month at the club meeting the committee will collect in your sheet for that month


  • You can send in a copy of your sheet to the CFAC co-ordinator by e-mail to
  • (Only one per month please)
  • If Emailing please keep your own electronic copy of the blank form
  • If on Paper we will give you a new blank sheet or you can make your own
  • A Master spreadsheet will be kept electronically and updated for you


  • “Activate”
    • Have 1 QSO from the location described with a minimum exchange of Callsigns, Names and Reports
  • “QSO”
    • A two way communication as described with a minimum exchange of Callsigns, Name and Report (using any mode unless specified)
  • “Net”
    • An organised and planned meeting of amateur stations on air with more than 2 stations on frequency


  • Each QSO can only count for ONE of the Activities
  • Each Activity is worth 1 point – Yes some will be harder than others 🙂
  • If multiple activities are completed on the same day they must be with different stations
  • The first member to achieve Gold will be receive a special award
  • Scoring will be performed on a TRUST basis and will start from the 1st July 2017
  • Comprehension and validity of entries will be at the discretion of the CFAC Co-ordinator and M0JMM (M0JMM is very flexible ☺)


  • 25 Points – Bronze Award – Certificate Awarded
  • 50 Points – Silver Award – Certificate Awarded
  • 75 Points – Gold Award – Certificate and Prize Awarded
  • 80 Points – Platinum Award – Special Award

This challenge is to encourage members, and especially the newly licensed and the not-so-active, to get on the bands and to do some operating.