October Meeting – Report

In change to the published programme, we heard two short talks given at very short notice by Ken G3LVP and Giles G0NXA.

Ken G3LVP described some his experiences operating while on vacation in Spain.  He mentioned that one of the increasing problems in holiday locations, as in  many urban locations here in the UK, is the increasing noise level from electronic equipment in the vicinity.  During his latest trip he found HF conditions poor but did manage to work a small number of DX stations.  He was surprised to hear only a  few G stations, commenting on the almost complete lack of “big-gun” G stations on the bands – he surmised that perhaps they only appear when a rare DX station surfaces or when there is a major contest.

Giles G0NXA told us about his recent visit to the RSGB Convention at Milton Keynes.  He was impressed by the venue which he thought an improvement on recent years and emphasised the benefits of attending the lectures which improved his knowledge of various subjects – both in depth and spread.  He saw just two other CARA members:  Bob M0NQN and Tony G3SNN.  Giles said he was already planning to attend next year and urged other member to do likewise as it’s a great event.

Derek G3NKS